Billionaire Superyacht Toys: The 10 Coolest Toys And Tenders For 2022

billionaire superyacht toys the 10 coolest toys and tenders for 2022

Sumary of Billionaire Superyacht Toys: The 10 Coolest Toys And Tenders For 2022:

  • U-Boat Worx NEMO submarine U-Boat Worx Every year I am excited to compile my favorite superyacht toys that will be offered up at the Monaco Yacht Show where thousands of yacht fans descend on Port Hercules to see the most exciting new yachts and toys as well as more than 300 exhibitors.
  • With a wide selection of submarines, toys, and futuristic tenders available to purchase, captains and yacht owners continue to explore new ways to entertain their families and guests while on board.
  • Please enjoy my list of the coolest (and often outrageous) toys and tenders for 2022. LIghtweight NEMO submarine can be towed anywhere U-Boat Worx U-Boat Worx Nemo Submarine ($1.2 million) At only 5,510 lbs, the NEMO is the lightest manned submersible in the world.
  • It will fit on a wide variety of yachts, and because of its low weight, it can even be towed behind a car.
  • Fun Air Golf Motor Yacht Loon FunAir Floating Yacht Golf The FunAir floating Yacht Golf green is the ideal target for playing golf from your superyacht.
  • Perfect for all ages, the Yacht Golf comes with a golf pole and flag, and the greens can be designed in the shape of any of your favorite putting greens.

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