5 Places That Motivate You To Stay Sober In Goa

5 places that motivate you to stay sober in goa

Sumary of 5 Places That Motivate You To Stay Sober In Goa:

  • 1. Butterfly Beach: Hidden land of beauty, adventure, wildlife Image Source While many might argue that the famous beaches in Goa are for partying, boozing, and having all kinds of crazy fun, some others know that there are exceptions for this too.
  • Location Must Read: Here’s Why Butterfly Beach In Goa Should Be On Your Bucket List 2. Cumbarjua Backwater Canal: Ideal for adventure seekers &
  • nature lovers The moment somebody mentions backwaters, our minds think of Kerala.
  • But the natural creek, along with the lively Cumbarjua village in the center, finds its name in the list of hidden places in Goa.
  • What’s special: Backwater cruise ride in the canal surrounded by thick mangrove forests Location Must Read: Backwaters In Goa?
  • Amit’s Unusual Goa Experience Is A Must Read For All 3. Divar Island: A riverine wonder for the hopeless romantics Image Source The numerous unknown water bodies of the tiny state make room for numerous places that motivate you to stay sober in Goa.

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