Driving On Curves Using Automated Systems Can Pose Safety Challenges

driving on curves using automated systems can pose safety challenges

Sumary of Driving On Curves Using Automated Systems Can Pose Safety Challenges:

  • A new report examined how often some advanced driver assistance features were deactivated on .
  • Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Advanced driver assistance technologies like adaptive cruise control and more sophisticated partial automation systems are as much as 75% less likely to be active on sharp curves than on straight segments, limiting their potential safety benefits.
  • That is the main finding of a new study released earlier this month by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a nonprofit financed by the insurance industry, which looked at how driving on curves in the road can constrain vehicle automation.
  • “We know that advanced driver assistance features may help prevent crashes, but obviously they can only do so if drivers use them,” Wen Hu, senior research transportation engineer for the Insurance Institute and the lead author of the paper, said in a statement.
  • “This study suggests that these technologies will only be able to reach their full potential if drivers can trust them to handle curves.
  • ” Problems arise because adaptive cruise control (ACC) and more advanced partial automation that combines ACC with lane centering are often disabled on some of the sharper curves present on limited-access roadways, the researchers said, either because drivers switch the features off or they deactivate automatically.

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