How my grandmother taught me to cook – on WhatsApp

how my grandmother taught me to cook on whatsapp

Sumary of How my grandmother taught me to cook – on WhatsApp:

  • Kashmiri recipes are meant to be passed down through teaching, from mother to daughter in cramped kitchens, standing together over pots of sputtering oil.
  • Kashmiri traditionalists to the core, refusing even to put down our recipes on paper, trusting only our memories and our taste buds, my family found itself brought together by technology.
  • We cajoled and cajoled, but finally resorted to blackmail, of the good old-fashioned Kashmiri inter-generational kind.
  • How unexpected that an American chat platform should bring us, Kashmiris, together again, after so much silence, bringing back the memories of our past, passing on cultural memories that would certainly have vanished otherwise, through the digital ether.
  • A few hours before, my grandmother called to cancel – “If I tell you my secrets now, then you’ll just get rid of me,” she said, in the usual Kashmiri way, half serious, half not.
  • Food is the eternal conversation topic, cause of conflict, motivating force of Kashmiris.

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