Seed To Skin: How A Flourishing Tuscan Hotel And Working Farm Created A Cutting-Edge Skincare Line

seed to skin how a flourishing tuscan hotel and working farm created a cutting edge skincare line

Sumary of Seed To Skin: How A Flourishing Tuscan Hotel And Working Farm Created A Cutting-Edge Skincare Line:

  • Borgo Santo Pietro Spa Borgo Santo Pietro Tucked between rolling Tuscan hills, you will find Borgo Santo Pietro, a sprawling, blooming property which is home to a working farm, lush gardens and luxury accommodations which welcome discerning guests from around the world.
  • An array of plants, herbs and animal products (dairy and honey) are cultivated at Borgo Santo Pietro.
  • “We take great care to harvest and process our ingredients, combining them with advanced molecular science to harness the true power of nature [with Seed to Skin],” says Thottrup.
  • “The Seed to Skin brand is unique as it goes beyond the trend of purely ‘organic,’ combining the purest botanicals and raw ingredients found in nature with our biotech process called Green Molecular Science,” says Thottrup.
  • “With this cutting-edge biotechnology, we extract only the best elements from plants and create the most effective skincare by developing formulas with molecules to target the different epidermis layers, resulting in rejuvenated, supple, hydrated, and healthy skin.
  • ” Founder Jeanette Grøn Thottrup in Science Lab © Lorenzo Mennonna MORE FOR YOU Some of Seed to Skin’s most popular products include The Divine Cleanse, a detoxifying green clay which deep cleans your pores gently and leaves you with clean and glowing skin.

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