Amsterdam’s cannabis coffeeshops, already hit by Covid, fear a clampdown on tourists

amsterdams cannabis coffeeshops already hit by covid fear a clampdown on tourists

Sumary of Amsterdam’s cannabis coffeeshops, already hit by Covid, fear a clampdown on tourists:

  • The Dutch tourism industry is still recovering and has a way to go before it sees pre-Covid levels of activity.
  • However, it was over 35% smaller relative to the second quarter of 2019, according to data in August from Statistics Netherlands, which added that “pre-Covid levels are still a long way off.
  • The Dutch authorities initially announced that coffeeshops would have to close with short notice when the country’s first lockdown began last spring.
  • Customers wanted to stash supplies ahead of the closures, and the authorities feared that the sale of cannabis could quickly take to the streets and allow the illegal and unregulated drugs trade to flourish.
  • In the Netherlands, selling drugs is illegal but the Dutch government tolerates the sale of soft drugs in coffeeshops which are strictly regulated.
  • “More culture, less weedThe Netherlands’ capital attracts a wide range of tourists — from the inevitable groups of young people eager to experience the city’s coffeeshops to bachelor parties making the seemingly obligatory visit to De Wallen, Amsterdam’s main red-light district.

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