Are pigs the answer to bird strikes? One airport is trying to find out

are pigs the answer to bird strikes one airport is trying to find out

Sumary of Are pigs the answer to bird strikes? One airport is trying to find out:

  • Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport has employed 20 of the animals as part of a pilot project aiming to reduce the number of bird strikes on aircraft.
  • The airport saw around 150 bird strikes in 2020, Schiphol spokeswoman Willemeike Koster told CNN on Wednesday, and the pig pilot is one of several measures the airport is taking to try to bring the number down.
  • Schiphol airport approached the company and asked if the pigs would be able to come and eat the crop leftovers, which attract geese and other birds, co-owner Stan Gloudemans told CNN on Wednesday.
  • The first benefit is that the pigs help to make the area less attractive to birds by removing a source of food, Gloudemans said.
  • “This was the most strange question,” said Gloudemans, adding: “Next time maybe they’ll ask me to keep thieves away or something.
  • “Schiphol Airport said the project’s success will be measured by analyzing bird activity in the area during the time the pigs were present, compared with when they were not.

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