Meet The Aircraft Of The Future: Socially Distanced Double-Decker Cabins

meet the aircraft of the future socially distanced double decker cabins

Sumary of Meet The Aircraft Of The Future: Socially Distanced Double-Decker Cabins:

  • [+] Technology Crystal Cabin Awards Imagine traveling in a plane which uses the cabin more efficiently, gives passengers more legroom and spaces them physically further apart..
  • The Chaise Longue Economy concept was created by Alejandro Nuñez Vicente, a student from Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands..
  • His idea creates more space for people traveling in economy class by using the full height of the airplane with two tiers of seats, one high and one low..
  • Vicente told CNN that he was fed up with a lack of legroom in planes and realised that elevating every other row to make a dual-level cabin would solve the issue..
  • Crystal Cabin Awards The Cloud Capsule Concept designed by Toyota Boshoku also makes more use of an aircraft height..
  • It allows for a two-tier traveler system where passengers can relax in individual capsules, large enough to lie down and sleep in, once the plane has reached altitude..
  • These Cloud Capsules are located above the rows of economy seats, and according to Toyota makes “economy class travel safer, more enjoyable and more comfortable, while creating more revenue opportunities for the airlines.”.
  • The idea would be for some economy passengers to buy the Cloud Capsule option above their seat as an add-on when they purchase their tickets….

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