eat local lisbons best gourmet food markets

Sumary of Eat Local: Lisbon’s Best Gourmet Food Markets:

  • Prado Mercearia and its manager, Carlos Duarte Rodrigo Cardoso Two thousand twenty was the year that many of us fell in love with cooking, or at least feeding ourselves good food at home.
  • As my international friends began visiting my adopted hometown of Lisbon again in the optimistic summer of 2021, I noticed that I was getting asked about local markets (mercearias in Portuguese) as often as I was getting asked about restaurants.
  • Prado Mercearia In recent months, Prado Mercearia—adjacent to chef António Galapito’s deservedly lauded restaurant, Prado—gained a reputation among local food lovers as a wine bar and bistro, overseen by a rotating crew of chefs invited by Galapito and promoting a zero-waste policy.
  • Mercearia Criativa Rita Duarte Ferreira MORE FOR YOU Mercearia Criativa Mercearia Criativa—“the creative food shop”—is a traditional grocery store, with exclusively Portuguese products, which are all prepared in a handcrafted, organic and creative way.
  • They also serve meals and organize workshops about bread, wine and gardening, Mercearia Sto Gonçalo F.
  • Santos Mercearia Sto At this brand new market in the historic center of Lisbon, the owners are out to revive the spirit of the neighborhood markets that were once cornerstones of community.

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