Portugal expats: Major new visa rules for moving abroad post-Brexit

portugal expats major new visa rules for moving abroad post brexit

Sumary of Portugal expats: Major new visa rules for moving abroad post-Brexit:

  • Portugal has previously been cited by experts as a better alternative to Spain for those eyeing a move abroad post-Brexit thanks to its simpler visa requirements..
  • However, there are still plenty of rules which expats will need to meet in order to be granted long-term entry to the country..
  • “To stay longer, to work or study, for business travel or for other reasons, you will need to meet the Portuguese government entry requirements.”.
  • In order to gain residence without an offer of employment, Britons will need to prove an annual income amount or “evidence of sufficient means of subsistence”..
  • However, this amount is significantly lower than the sum asked for by Spain, something which the ExpatNetwork says makes Portugal a favourable alternative..
  • “Portugal has a similar visa to Spain NLV, the Passive Income Visa, which has a significantly lower annual income requirement – €11,970 (approximately £10,379) for a couple and €16,658 (approximately £14,444) for a family of four)….

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