Missing Beatleweek ‘not an option’ for fans who cycled over 1000 miles to Liverpool

missing beatleweek not an option for fans who cycled over 1000 miles to liverpool

Sumary of Missing Beatleweek ‘not an option’ for fans who cycled over 1000 miles to Liverpool:

  • From Sweden to Liverpool, the power of the Beatles is unifying.
  • For two Beatles’ fans from Sweden, Cavern City Tours’ Beatleweek Festival 2021 is important enough that they embarked on a cycling adventure to reach Liverpool.
  • “Both of us have been coming to Liverpool for International Beatleweek for the past fifteen years and had intended to cycle there last year but of course, because of the pandemic we could not travel.
  • ” Spain expat warns of ‘difficulty’ accessing healthcareInternational Beatle Week is an annual festival organised by legendary Cavern Club’s owners, Cavern City Tours.
  • Beatles’ fans from all over the world descend on Liverpool for a celebration of all things Beatles.
  • This year, the festival will celebrate Let It Be, The Beatles last album released in 1970 as the band broke-up.

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