Spain Tour

Route: to the Liño peak, Cuera balcony to the Peaks and the sea

Sumary of Route: to the Liño peak, Cuera balcony to the Peaks and the sea:

  • Our first point of reference is the small hermitage of San Roque, from where a well-marked and distinguishable cement cattle track starts, which we must climb completely.
  • It greets us for the first time boasting of beauty, infinite blue to the edge of the horizon and small coastal towns that are drawn in the distance.
  • And although its maximum difficulty lies in the numerous climbs that it chains, the muscular effort is rationed and well worth it, since it is seasoned with perfect panoramic views that combine the almost infinite vision of the Cantabrian Sea and its eastern coastal towns.
  • With the always perfect postcard given by the imposing Picos de Europa and the different mountain ranges that, from there to the maritime domains, frame the landscape.
  • First section of ascent towards the Liño, along a winding cattle track advancing up the mountain m.
  • The excursion, simple and suitable for all levels, stands out for overcoming numerous steep slopes that run through grazing folds, first on the track and then in the pure forest.
  • In this area ends the track that, until now, has guided our steps, raising us to almost 700 meters above sea level.

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