The Seasonal Chef (3) – Summer Casserole, peppered with flavour

the seasonal chef 3 summer casserole peppered with flavour

Sumary of The Seasonal Chef (3) – Summer Casserole, peppered with flavour:

  • It was only when I started growing peppers myself that I realised that there was no such thing as green pepper plants and red pepper plants!
  • All green peppers turn into red peppers if you leave them long enough (the man I was buying the baby pepper plants from actually laughed out loud at me when I asked him).
  • Now, this is a bit of a problem in our household, where my husband eats kilos of green peppers every week and is not that fond of red peppers, whereas I love the crunchy sweetness of a red pepper.
  • Green peppers have a slightly bitter and more savoury taste, while red peppers are sweeter.
  • There are many different types of peppers and they’re all part of the Capsicum family, including the tiny little chilli ones.
  • Originally, they only grew in Latin America (as early as 7000BC) and the early Spanish and Portuguese travellers brought them back and introduced them to the rest of the world, where they took off like peppery wildfire.

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