The Travel Trend Report 2022: The Experts Have Their Say, Part Two

the travel trend report 2022 the experts have their say part two

Sumary of The Travel Trend Report 2022: The Experts Have Their Say, Part Two:

  • (Credit: Roberto Pellegrini Switzerland info@roberto-pellegrini.
  • Energise programme, which aims to reduce stress, recharge the body and restore vitality, by combining detox treatments with clinically-proven and patented neuroscience technology.
  • The retreat has also recently launched a state-of-the-art ‘Molecular Lab for Optimal Living’ – which utilises ground-breaking epigenetic technology to analyse gene activity, determine biological ageing status and prescribe a personalised treatment plan to optimise wellbeing and health.
  • ” One main area the brand identifies as a growing trend is culinary travel.
  • “Culinary trips are expected to be in higher demand than ever before,” it says.
  • Beverage Brands at Hilton, states: “People right now are actively seeking out culinary experiences when they go on vacations.

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