3 ways to get your space fix if you’re not quite a billionaire

3 ways to get your space fix if youre not quite a billionaire

Sumary of 3 ways to get your space fix if you’re not quite a billionaire:

  • If there’s one big trend among billionaires at the moment, it seems to be space.
  • Jeff Bezos has just reached the edge of space, blasting off from Texas in the sub-orbital New Shepard rocket.
  • It’s the first human flight from Blue Origin, the Amazon founder’s privately owned aerospace company.
  • The flight comes hot on the heels of Richard Branson who flew to the edge of space on July 12. Branson called Virgin Galactic’s first fully crewed flight the “experience of a lifetime”, during which he experienced weightlessness for a few minutes.
  • Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket blasts offEntrepreneur Elon Musk is another billionaire keen to explore life off earth – his company SpaceX is due to launch its first fully private spaceflight in the autumn.
  • While it could be argued billionaires are bringing about a new era of commercial trips to space, it likely won’t come cheap.

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