‘BA Lite’ to take over British Airways short-haul flights at Gatwick

ba lite to take over british airways short haul flights at gatwick

Sumary of ‘BA Lite’ to take over British Airways short-haul flights at Gatwick:

  • British Airways is to set up a separate low-cost subsidiary for European and domestic flights at Gatwick – allowing it to compete with budget airlines.
  • A “BA Lite” operation has been repeatedly considered by British Airways bosses seeking to make the Sussex airport profitable.
  • Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, BA’s Gatwick short-haul network has been dormant, though some long-haul flights are continuing.
  • With the ending of the government’s furlough scheme next month, the new British Airways chief executive, Sean Doyle, has decided to press ahead with plans to cut costs and make BA more competitive with easyJet.
  • The airline has launched consultations with trades unions – telling them that change is essential if British Airways is to return to the Sussex airport at scale.
  • A likely name is British Airways Express, mirroring Iberia Express – the lower-cost offshoot of BA’s Spanish sister airline.

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