Big question if Branson made it to ‘space’

big question if branson made it to space

Sumary of Big question if Branson made it to ‘space’:

  • The Virgin Galactic spacecraft carrying British billionaire Richard Branson, two pilots and three other passengers, reached space earlier this week.
  • Branson, along with the passengers, were able to unbuckle and experience a few minutes of weightlessness, while admiring the curvature of Earth from the ship’s 17 windows.
  • RELATED: Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic test flight reaches space RELATED: Mystery bidder puts $36 million on space flight with Jeff Bezos The boundary of space is defined as above 80km in altitude, according to NASA, which the 70-year-old passed by reaching a high point of 89km above the Earth’s surface.
  • Branson called it the “experience of a lifetime” noting it had taken 17 years of “hard work” to get the spacecraft into the air.
  • “I dreamt of this moment since I was a kid, but nothing can prepare you for the view from space.” Following the momentous achievement, fellow billionaires Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos reacted to the occasion.
  • Musk tweeted in response to a video of the mission: “Congratulations, beautiful flight!” While Bezos, who hoped to be the first billionaire to make it to the edge of space, said he “can’t wait to join the club” and plans to be the second to do so.

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