Chef Approved Occo Spices Up Your Life One Serving At A Time

chef approved occo spices up your life one serving at a time

Sumary of Chef Approved Occo Spices Up Your Life One Serving At A Time:

  • The Burger Sampler kits are the newest offering with such titillating flavors as Burger au Poivre, Spicy Sichuan Burger, Lebanese Kafta Burger and Garlic &
  • Chefs like Nina Compton, Asha Gomez, Gregory Gourdet, Deuki Hong, Mei Lin and Adriana Urbina created the following recipes to help home cooks broaden their horizons and demystify the often times overwhelming and expensive process of gathering spices.
  • Chef Deck Cards include: Caribbean-Creole Bistro by Chef Nina Compton Cook in Color by Chef Asha Gomez Any-Season One Pan Meals by Chef Gregory Gourdet Late Nite Koreatown by Chef Deuki Hong Kebabs Four Ways by Chef Mei Lin Grand Latin American by Chef Adriana Urbina A selection of spice pods from Occo.
  • American Basics 101: Eight familiar yet versatile spices, whether you’re learning to cook or simply looking to upgrade your go-to recipes.
  • American Overachiever: Eight bespoke spices that bring a certain je ne sais quoi to your cooking.

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