Google Maps accused of offering ‘potentially fatal’ hiking routes

google maps accused of offering potentially fatal hiking routes

Sumary of Google Maps accused of offering ‘potentially fatal’ hiking routes:

  • (CNN) — Hikers looking to summit Scotland’s highest mountain and other peaks in the area are being sent up “potentially fatal” routes by Google Maps, the region’s mountaineering organizations have warned.
  • The John Muir Trust said Thursday that growing numbers of people using Google Maps to navigate up Ben Nevis risk being directed via a route that is “highly dangerous, even for experienced climbers.” Ben Nevis, a popular tourist destination, is the highest mountain in the British Isles, standing at 1,345 meters (4,413 feet).
  • Although thousands summit it annually, climbing the peak is not without risks and deaths have been recorded on the mountain as recently as this year.
  • “The problem is that Google Maps directs some visitors to the Upper Falls car park, presumably because it is the closest car park to the summit,” John Muir Trust’s Nevis Conservation Officer Nathan Berrie said in a statement.
  • Mountaineering Scotland have warned of “dangerous” routes up Ben Nevis.
  • Google/Mountaineering Scotland A “dangerous” route indicated for An Teallach, as described by Mountaineering Scotland.

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