How the UK became the sick man of European tourism

how the uk became the sick man of european tourism

Sumary of How the UK became the sick man of European tourism:

  • In November, Prime Minister Boris Johnson faced criticism for not wearing a mask during a tour of a hospital.
  • But it’s the pictures of the English — Boris Johnson was again photographed at the COP26 summit sitting maskless next to 95-year-old naturalist David Attenborough — that are being beamed around the world.
  • Boris Johnson was photographed visiting a hospital without a mask in November.
  • The Treasury spokesperson continued: “VAT RES is very unlikely to act as a significant motive for visiting the UK and tax-free shopping is still available in store when goods are posted to overseas addresses.
  • “There are also likely to be indirect losses as high-spending visitors travel to the UK less often and spend less time here, preferring instead to visit countries where they can buy goods for 20% less than in the UK,” they said.
  • Aniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty ImagesMaybe it’s Covid, maybe it’s Brexit, but the UK service economy has also taken a hit this year — worse than other European countries.

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