How to make the perfect creamed corn – recipe | Felicity Cloake’s how to make the perfect…

how to make the perfect creamed corn recipe felicity cloakes how to make the perfect

Sumary of How to make the perfect creamed corn – recipe | Felicity Cloake’s how to make the perfect…:

  • Corn in this country has two distinct seasons: tuna-and-sweetcorn sandwich season, which runs from October to July, and the current barbecued corn on the cob season, in which we choose to floss our gums on something that is somehow simultaneously hotter than the sun and almost completely raw.
  • Unlike in the Americas, you’re unlikely to get a choice of corn varieties in the UK, but do choose whatever looks freshest, because, once picked, sweetcorn’s sugars quickly convert to starches.
  • Ideally, buy it still in the husk, or green, as Scott Peacock describes it in The Gift of Southern Cooking, the book he co-authored with the great Edna Lewis,noting that: “Southerners eat corn in so many different ways that we need all these names, the same way Eskimos have a multitude of words for ‘snow’.
  • Double or whipping cream only, please, says Gourmet magazine.
  • The easiest way to make creamed corn is to strip the kernels from their cob and cook them in a creamy sauce, but that way you miss out on much of the flavour that can be pressed out of the cob itself.
  • Martha Rose Shulman grates her corn, rather than cuts it off, thus ensuring that as much is extracted from the cob as possible, but this gives what one commenter on the New York Times food site describes as more like “fresh corn polenta” than creamed corn.

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