Laos Food: 10 Tasty Dishes That Will Turn Your Trip Into A Food Tour In 2022

laos food 10 tasty dishes that will turn your trip into a food tour in 2022

Sumary of Laos Food: 10 Tasty Dishes That Will Turn Your Trip Into A Food Tour In 2022:

  • Image Source One of the main features of Laotian food is their sticky rice which is essentially the very core of their culture and existence.
  • ‘Luk Khao Niaow’ – as the Lao call themselves actually means ‘descendants of sticky rice.
  • Some of the most popular dishes that the Laotian cuisine is famous for include their stews, bamboo shoot soup, lambs and other meat dishes.
  • 1. Khao Lam Bamboo Sticky Rice Image Source Steamed rice in a bamboo tube is a signature dish for most of the oriental cuisines and also a popular Laos street food.
  • Khao Lam Bamboo Sticky Rice is a very famous Laotian sweet dish where sticky rice is treated with coconut cream and red or black bean to be filled in a bamboo tube and roasted until all the ingredients are cooked and blended together to give a sweet aromatic treat.
  • Where To Find – Anywhere on the streets of Laos 2. Mok Pa Image Source Laos food culture can be seen in its unique and flavorsome dishes, and among those is Marinated fish.

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