Road Safety ‘Comes Out Of Its Shell’ To Tackle Leading Killer Of Young People

road safety comes out of its shell to tackle leading killer of young people

Sumary of Road Safety ‘Comes Out Of Its Shell’ To Tackle Leading Killer Of Young People:

  • A student-led road safety campaign targets young people, an age group disproportionately impacted by .
  • Ocean Outdoor Dying or getting badly injured in a motor vehicle crash is serious business, and young people around the world are disproportionately impacted.
  • But a new student-led campaign uses humor and levity to convey the importance of avoiding unnecessary risk.
  • Lighthearted images of prawns, crabs and their snail friends deliver the initiative’s message: everyone on the road — drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, pedestrians and bicyclists — should be considerate of others and share the responsibility for safety.
  • The ‘We are all fragile under our shells’ road safety campaign was created by Agota Rencsenyi, a student at the London College of Communication, part of University of the Arts London, for the Re:act UK 2021 behavior change program.
  • Nearly 50 billboards were recently placed at prominent retail and roadside locations across London, and are expected to remain for two weeks and be seen by millions of people.

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