So many gins … but are you a purist or a pioneer? | Fiona Beckett on drink

so many gins but are you a purist or a pioneer fiona beckett on drink

Sumary of So many gins … but are you a purist or a pioneer? | Fiona Beckett on drink:

  • “We are definitely seeing a slowdown in the uptake of new brands on the site,” says head buyer Dawn Davies.So, how to explain the continued stream of gin newcomers?
  • Truth is, as with most markets, there’s more than one type of gin drinker, from purists, such as myself, who like nothing more than a big hit of juniper and a classic G&T, to what marketeers euphemistically refer to as “a more youthful demographic”, up for much more experimental flavours and serving suggestions.
  • I generally use lighter tonics, too, so as not to mask the character of fruit-flavoured gins and rarely flavoured ones.The fact is, it’s an uphill struggle to compete with tried-and-tested favourites.
  • I love Sipsmith, one of my regular go-tos, but didn’t take to its limited-edition Strawberry Smash Gin, which didn’t seem nearly fruity enough.
  • I tend to think of grapefruit as a fruit to cheer up February, rather than to drink at the height of summer, but citrus always hits the spot.This has a really good, pithy pink grapefruit flavour.Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon Gin £13-£14 Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, 37.5%.
  • Great-looking bottle, good price, decent lemon/limoncello flavour – what more do you want?Adnams Jardín Mexicano Gin £31.99, £31.95 Master of Malt, 40%.

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