Staycation travel: Joining the Fab Tour on a Beatles-themed trip to Liverpool

staycation travel joining the fab tour on a beatles themed trip to liverpool

Sumary of Staycation travel: Joining the Fab Tour on a Beatles-themed trip to Liverpool:

  • McCartney and his younger brother Mike closely advised the Trust on every detail, so it has a wonderful 1960s authenticity, from the choice and positioning of the furniture, to the curtains and threadbare rugs.
  • One mile away at Menlove Avenue is Mendips, John Lennon’s semi-detached home where he lived with his aunt Mimi and uncle George Smith.
  • Across the road we stand in the exact spot where John and Paul first met on July 6, 1957.Our tour runs at a helter-skelter pace, so we relax later in the Lennon Suite at the Hard Days Night Hotel — complete with a white baby grand piano — before hitting the city centre.
  • Then we walk to Mathew Street, home of the original Cavern Club, which is still a popular basement music venue.
  • Our final gig is just down the street at the new Liverpool Beatles Museum, owned by Roag Best, half-brother of legendary former Beatles’ drummer Pete.

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