U.S. And U.K. Travel Industry Bosses Resort To Begging Publicly For Removal Of Covid-19 Flight Restr …

u s and u k travel industry bosses resort to begging publicly for removal of covid 19 flight restrictions

Sumary of U.S. And U.K. Travel Industry Bosses Resort To Begging Publicly For Removal Of Covid-19 Flight Restrictions:

  • [+] Clinic put the risk of transmission of the virus that causes Covid-19 on a plane traveling between the U.K..
  • and British airlines, along with other leaders from both nations’ aviation and tourism sectors, on Monday publicly begged U.S..
  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson to act decisively at their upcoming meeting in southwestern Britain to reopen international air travel markets that effectively have been closed for 16 months because of the coronavirus pandemic..
  • And that easily could block the subject of resumption of international air service from being mentioned this weekend..
  • matters related to the continued burning of carbon-based fuels and efforts to get most major nations to reduce their net carbon emissions to zero by 2050 – an issued championed by European politicians and, most recently, Biden..
  • All of those matters could crowd the matter of resuming international air travel off the table during the upcoming talks..
  • That why the airline and travel industry leaders all appeared together Monday on a trans-Atlantic video news conference..
  • side by the CEOs of the world three largest airlines, American, Delta and United, all of which normally serve the U.K….

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