What foreigners really think of Aussies

what foreigners really think of aussies

As a country, Australia is a long, long way away from many other parts of the world.

As such, many people have formed an impression of Australians that is often taken from pop culture (ie we all look like Miranda Kerr, we’re absolute weapons in a swimming race, and we’re not scared to tackle a crocodile if it gets in our way.)

If you trawl internet forums you get a fascinating insight into what many foreigners (some who have been here, some who haven’t) think of Australian people.

These are some of the most entertaining observations we found.


It’s a common perception among foreigners that we Aussies are crocodile-wrestling Steve Irwin types who have extreme animal encounters daily. It is undeniable that we live on an island with our fair share of species that can kill you, as Domhnall O’Huigin beautifully put it in this excellent post on this Quora thread. I’m putting it here in full because it’s well worth a read:

“The [Australian] fauna? Nuke it from orbit. I wouldn’t set foot in the bloody place without a tank. Everything either wants to poison you, eat you or lay its eggs in you (then eat you).


Koala bears. Fluffy wuffy little critters, cute, ain’t they? No. Permanently stoned off their pea-sized brains on Eucalyptus (see below) they are the methamphetamine addicts of the marsupial world. Have your face off with their claws soon as look at you.

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