What travel rules are changing on 19 July?

what travel rules are changing on 19 july

Sumary of What travel rules are changing on 19 July?:

  • All legal Covid social distancing and mask-wearing restrictions have been dropped as of 19 July, the so-called Freedom Day, in England, with the government asking instead for Britons to use their own judgement when it comes to evaluating the risk of the disease.
  • The sector has had a very rocky start since it tentatively reopened on 17 May, allowing holidays to a slim list of “safe” countries alongside onerous restrictions such as pre- and post-departure testing.
  • The system is known as the traffic light system as it sorts countries into three categories (green, amber and red) based on the risk of Covid being reimported to the UK. But is the traffic light system being dropped alongside obligatory mask-wearing and social distancing?
  • In his Downing Street press conference, prime minister Boris Johnson confirmed this stance, asking people to use their own judgement when it comes to managing their own activities, and for guidance on masks and social distancing to be guidance only.
  • The risk of a Covid variant being reimported remains high, and so restrictions from “red list” countries will remain in place as part of “tough border controls”, Mr Johnson confirmed during a previous address.
  • From this date, most double jabbed travellers from amber countries can follow the same entry rules as green-list arrivals: no self-isolation, and just one pre-departure lateral flow test and a day-two post arrival PCR test.

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