How Lahti earned its place as the Green Capital of Europe

In addition to being the happiest nation in the world, inventing the sauna and having a penchant for heavy metal music, Finns are known for their all-round no-nonsense pragmatism. Lahti, an hour’s drive north from the capital Helsinki in southern Finland, confirms this reputation by virtue of its name, simply meaning “Bay”. It’s in reference…

Which Christmas markets are still going ahead?

From Austria’s Viennese Dream Christmas Market to the Winter Village in New York, a rundown of the Christmas markets that will be going ahead in 2020, and those that have been called off….

How Lapland plans to save Christmas from Covid

Santa behind plexiglas. Socially distanced elves wearing surgical masks. It’s a very 2020 take on festive cheer, but with a holiday season like no other fast approaching, Lapland’s tourism operators believe it’s the best way to save Christmas and…

Winter Holidays: Snow for it with Father Christmas in Lapland

BEFORE we set off on our once-in-a-lifetime trip to meet Father Christmas in Lapland, there were many reactions I imagined my son Freddie having to the main man. But hiding behind a table, refusing to come out, was not…

Who Can Travel To Scandinavia In November 2020?

European residents are able to visit Sweden, but Denmark and Norway have much stricter border restrictions in place. Non-European residents cannot visit the region for tourism, with some exceptions for Denmark. …

Russian revolt! Visit St Petersburg a century on

Deirdre Fernand brushes up on her history at the Winter Palace, former home of the Romanov dynasty. But a trip to St Petersburg’s not all about the socialist cause – especially with warming restaurants and vodka bars. …

9 Trips In Europe To Take This Summer

Summertime is holiday time. Countries literally seem to shut down for weeks at a time while everyone heads off for holiday (here’s looking at your France and Italy) and so it comes as no surprise that this is one…

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