Greater Libreville is in lockdown. You're only allowed to leave your accommodation for essential purposes. Gabon has closed all of its borders. All passenger flights have been suspended. If you overstay your visa because of COVID-19 travel restrictions, you won’t be penalised when you leave. If you're staying in Gabon, follow the advice of local authorities and minimise your risk of exposure to COVID-19. Stay in touch with...

Summer fun will still be out there. But will it kill you? | Grace Dent

‘I’ve found myself dreaming of Pizza Express dough balls. Not the food, but all that it symbolises: friendCruise and silly, unplanned Friday nights’As I lingered, mask-free, by the pickles at Sainsbury’s, it struck me that risking my life is now easier. Five weeks in, and I am weary of worrying. I am news-saturated, knackered and listless. I wanted, in that moment, to shop freely. “Maybe I die, maybe...