Study Says 90 Percent of Global Travellers are OK with Health Passports if it Restarts Travel

study says 90 percent of global travellers are ok with health passports if it restarts travel

There’s been a lot of debate about the ethics of introducing digital health passports and vaccine passports which will store your health information related to COVID-19 such as vaccination records and test results.  

A recent study commissioned by travel tech giant Amadeus and delivered by Censuswide has found that nine out of ten travellers would be comfortable using digital health passports to help restart travel.

The international study included over 1,000 respondents from India.

The online survey questioned 9,055 travellers in France, Spain, Germany, India, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Singapore, UK, and the US. It included people who said they have travelled abroad in the last 18 months.

However, 93 percent of the people surveyed also said they had “some concerns” about how their health data might be stored, and that their personal information may fall into the wrong hands.

Of those surveyed, 62 percent said they would be more likely to use an app to store their health data if a travel company partnered with a trusted healthcare company to create the app.

Most countries are unsure about vaccine passports…

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