Holidays: Travel expert bets on Malta & Portugal for ‘green list’ – ‘res …

holidays travel expert bets on malta portugal for green list rest of europe amber

From May 17, Britons will be able to jet off internationally for leisure purposes. However, whether or not they face quarantine will depend on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s “traffic light” system for travel.

“We expect 24 countries to be green currently including Israel, Barbados, Grenada, Iceland, Finland, Morocco, Jamaica, Anguilla, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Ascension, South Georgia, Saint Helena, British Antarctic, Pitcairn Islands, Saint Lucia and Antigua.”

There is some hope ahead for European holidays, though.

“We believe Europe will mostly turn green by end of June, as will the USA,” said Mr Charles.

He also highlighted some countries which are areas of concern based on the data analysed.

“We are concerned by possible India-related infection increases in Seychelles, Sri Lanka and the Maldives so these won’t be green on May 17,” the travel expert wrote.

“Cyprus is also of concern due to 100 percent infection increase in the last month. It’s number one in our chart.”

Despite travel expert predictions, the Government has remained tight-lipped on which countries it is considering for the green list.

In an address to the nation last week, the Prime Minister said: “I’d love to be able to give you a clear rundown of the countries that we think will be red, amber or green…

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