The Essential Travel Forecast Report 2021 (Part 4)

the essential travel forecast report 2021 part 4

Today in the final article in my Travel Trend 2021 series, I look ahead to brighter times. My fifth trend is ‘Regenerative Travel’ – which covers the increase in companies having an eco-aware ethos and ‘give-back’ mentality – and which has been growing in momentum even before Covid hit.

Since the travel world has been on ‘pause’, thus allowing many destinations to go through a ‘reset’, this idea of ‘travel for good’ has flourished. It has been coupled with reports of an abundance of wildlife and nature returning to areas previously affected by over-tourism. This time apart has also given the opportunity for some hotels, tour companies, safari outfits and the like to rethink about their offering and how they can improve their environmental impact. Will travellers post-Covid think more carefully about where they go, and what they choose to do, in light of their impact on the planet? It is looking hopeful that this will indeed be the case. 

Today, I also consider my sixth trend – what I am calling ‘Optimistic Travel’ – because there is light at the end of the tunnel. Despite these current hard times, many in the travel industry are quietly looking ahead and planning for the time when we can get out and explore again with plenty of new openings and new ventures still in the pipeline.


We’ve heard about sustainable travel, green travel and eco-aware initiatives. but what does regenerative travel actually mean? It’s a phrase doing the rounds in the industry right now, but is it just another buzzword to bamboozle us?

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