14 Indian Restaurants In Europe That Will Ensure A Savory Experience

Europe is a preferred vacation destination for a lot of travelers. From Colosseum in Rome to Eiffel Tower in France, Europe is a host to a lot of different architectural marvels and beauties. The continent is rich in culture…

The 10 Best Cities in Europe

There’s no continent I’ve explored as thoroughly as Europe. Reluctantly, at times, I’ll admit. Yes, there was a time when I wasn’t excited by the prospect of travel in Europe. It was right when I first started travelling long-term,…

Which Christmas markets are still going ahead?

From Austria’s Viennese Dream Christmas Market to the Winter Village in New York, a rundown of the Christmas markets that will be going ahead in 2020, and those that have been called off….

10 Ways To Go Faster On Your Bike

There are two ways to go faster on your bike: hard work or swiping your credit card. These are 10 products that let you buy faster Strava times. …

European Month of Photography in Berlin

The 2020 edition of Germany’s largest photography festival is about to kick off! European Month of Photography in Berlin and beyond Taking place in Berlin every two years since 2004, European Month of Photography is colossal and renowned worldwide….

My 13 Favourite Tropical Islands

It wasn’t meant to be this way. Back when I was first planning to travel long-term, I didn’t think my journey would have a focus. I wanted to see it all: cities, villages, lakes, mountains, rainforests, glaciers, deserts, and…

Where Wes Anderson films ‘accidentally’ come to life

A new book portrays striking locations from Lisbon to Alaska brimming with the great director’s aesthetic appealThere’s something about director Wes Anderson’s style that’s instantly recognisable. Immaculate composition, symmetrical lines, pastel colours, idiosyncratic and strangely alluring sets are trademarks…

Breaking Travel News interview: Owain Jones, managing director, Wizz Air UK

As Wizz Air opens new bases at Gatwick and Doncaster Sheffield, Breaking Travel News editor, Chris O’Toole, speaks to Owain Jones, UK managing director for the low-cost carrier, about how it is able to offer a ray of light amid unceasing darkness for the aviation sector …

Europe In July: A Guide For A Dreamy And Memorable Travel Experience

Europe is always like a dream for every tourist out there. And, those who get to live this dream sense like they are on the seventh heaven, above everything so good and bad in this world! Such is the beauty of this place which has so much to provide to the visitors. Indeed, it won’t stop treating the adventure seeker in you. If your love for travelling

Mapping the high-risk travel list: 43 countries removed, five new ones added

For the first time since South Africa reopened its borders, the high-risk travel list has been altered. As it stands, just 22 countries are now unable to send leisure tourists to the Republic, shrinking the original tally down from 60. Interest in visiting South Africa during lockdown Although some major markets remain off-limits, the likes of

5 Heartwarming Places To Visit In Europe In The Month Of April

When you think about travel, you think of Europe. This large continent is flooded with endless options to pick from. If you are looking for a snow-capped mountain, a surreal coast or lush greenery, there is a little something for everyone. From the unique historical cities to bustling metropolitan areas, there is a buffet of places to visit in Europe
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