A Treat To The Five Senses From The Kitchens of Daryaganj-By the Inventors of Butter Chicken and Dal …

a treat to the five senses from the kitchens of daryaganj by the inventors of butter chicken and dal makhani

While the worldwide pandemic has got everybody down and out to a certain extent, Delhiites still have a reason to rejoice. From the culinary masters of the iconic tandoori cuisine, here’s an experience to evoke all your senses–Daryaganj-By the Inventors of Butter Chicken and Dal Makhani is back with its doors wide open and looks like it’s here to stay. The proud inventors of the legendary butter chicken and dal makhani, since 1947,the restaurant has carved a niche for itself on the country’s culinary map. Drop in to relish some of the typical flavours served with ease and finesse.

There may be a deluge of restaurants trying to serve your tikkas, mutton curries and the comfort oozing dals, but does that make all the boxes tick? Breaking the monotony one dish at a time, Daryagan-By the Inventors of Butter Chicken and Dal Makhani  is all set to celebrate its legacy by blending old world flavours in the modern dining experience.

However, if you’re one of the skeptics, still on the fence about dining out, the 5 Senses Delivery By Daryaganj, will surely change the way you look atfood delivery in India. Unique, novel and first of its kind, the new initiative is an attempt to recreate the dine-in experience,which is a blend of what our five senses subconsciously undergo…

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