Dharavi Becomes The Most Popular Tourist Destination In India Beating The Taj Mahal

dharavi becomes the most popular tourist destination in india beating the taj mahal

Dharavi, the name evokes a sense of belonging, a sense of identity and the lives of 60% of Mumbai’s population that reside in these scanty lanes forming Asia’s largest slums. That’s right, the city’s largest slum area, Dharavi, happens to be Asia’s largest slums where more than a million people have found their refuge, a place they call home in a city where the rich and the poor are brushing shoulders against each other, creating a stark contrast that attracts tourists from all across the globe to witness the various spectrums of life. Inhabited mainly by the fisherfolk and the migrant workers who come to Mumbai to chase their dreams, Dharavi becomes the most popular tourist destination in India for tourists to visit after beating the Taj Mahal according to a travel site TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards.

These slums have proven to be the most favourite tourist destination for travellers who come to visit India.

Dharavi Becomes The Most Popular Tourist Destination In India

This maze of bustling streets that are clubbed into a whopping 2.2 sq km of land between the two major railway lines of Mumbai, is where the heart of Mumbai resides. Dharavi has successfully topped the list for the best travel experiences in India, followed by a ‘bike tour of Old Delhi’ and a ‘private day tour of Taj Mahal and Agra Fort by a superfast train’ on the second and third position respectively…

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