La Macario Café: Happy Vibes

la macario cafe happy vibes

Even American actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s recommendation, which was partly responsible for turning the avocado toast into a trending food in the 2010s, could not make me try it because I dislike the earthy buttery taste of the fruit. Finally, it was La Macario Café that changed my perception with The Ultimate Chimichurri Avocado Toast (Rs 360). Probably it was the layer of chimichurri that did the trick, the tangy taste balancing the bland taste of the fruit.

Situated on Kolkata’s tony Wood Street, this café specialises in international food in a vegetarian avatar (with some concession to eggs). The name of the café has been derived from the Greek word ‘macar’ meaning happy.

The interior looked cool and classy with a predominantly white and brown palette, rush of daylight through large windows, hanging lamps, and potted plants (real ones) on the window sills. Do not miss the vintage chandelier or the bell-shaped lamps as you enter. They have a separate room for those who want to smoke Shisha.

Divided into several sections, the menu consists mainly of Italian dishes, along with a smattering of Asian and Mediterranean dishes. However, each section has a limited number of dishes, which makes ordering easy…

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