Ordered Delhi’s Latest Gourmet Dinner Box Yet?

ordered delhis latest gourmet dinner box yet

Before a certain March evening, if you had asked me if I wanted to have dhokla as a dinner course—much less a dhokla cupcake—I would have smiled and shook my head.

But now that I bite into Chef Hemant Oberoi’s take on the fluffy Indian savoury—an evanescent, star-shaped, tapas-style avatar, I’ve understood why this legend of Indian cooking could once do justice to a fusion of Californian and Indian food.

A whole smorgasbord of such delights awaits you inside The Dinner Box, Delhi’s latest must-eat pop-up, gourmet delivery service that is teaming up with renowned chefs all over the country to come up with inventive line-ups featuring signature and inventive recipes. I am about to go on a beautiful journey of taste with the latest in the series—Journey of a Martabaan—at Rooh, the casual dining restaurant cosseted in a 150-year-old haveli in Mehrauli, on a nippy night at the fag end of winter, with the sensei-like Chef Oberoi himself for company.

And yet, this “dinner box” is probably best ordered-in, owing to the fact that it has been thought of and executed as a delivered culinary experience—one that you can enjoy putting together and relishing with family or even a larger gathering…

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