the downside of the sweet escape

Summer in the city: should i stay or should I escape?

Italy is a country of art. A peninsula with a variety of extremely diverse landscapes and cities to discover. Furthermore, as I have already highlighted in one of my previous articles, tourism is a central element for the country’s economy. If you put all these factors together you have the perfect mix.

However, the effects of the coronavirus pandemic have badly affected the tourist sector, changing people’s approach to their summer holidays. The first thing to notice this year is that most of the visitors were Italian citizens. This time, Italian crowds filled the most different and often forgotten national destinations to escape from their cities.

New discoveries outside the urban centers

The impact of the lack of international tourists was more than just that. Major cities like Rome, Milan, Florence, and Venice were deserted. A combination of safety measures and the extreme, sometimes unbearable, hot temperatures definitely affected the flow of foreign travelers in the cities.

Then what about Italian visitors? I mean, if you can escape the city where you have spent all those months of lockdown, would you still spend your holidays there? I don’t think so. This is what the majority of Italians thought as soon as the nation-wide lockdown was lifted.

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