12 Places To Visit In Jerusalem In 2021 For Getting To Know The Culture Better!

12 places to visit in jerusalem in 2021 for getting to know the culture better

Atop a plateau in the Judean mountains lies the holy city of Jerusalem, which is considered such by not just one but three Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea, lies the city of Jerusalem, which is also one of the oldest cities in the world. And with time, comes history, and this city has layers and layers for one to unfold. Jerusalem is a wondrous city with historic sites of great cultural importance. There are various Quarters, all famous for different reasons, and establishments inside stone buildings. Intrigued? Listed below are some interesting places to visit in Jerusalem. Have a look, and plan a trip to the old historic city soon.

Jerusalem is an interesting place for those who love to know more about culture and history. It is also a haven for food lovers. Read on, to know of some of the best places to visit in Jerusalem, Israel.

Haram Al-Sharif
Western Wall Plaza
Church Of The Holy Sepulchre
Tower Of David
Mount of Olives
Israel Museum
The Biblical Zoo
Via Dolorosa
Armenian Quarter
Mount Zion
Muslim Quarter
Kidron Valley

Image SourceAlso known as Temple Mount this is a holy site in all these religions of Christanity, islam, and Judaism…

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