flights to nowhere during the pandemic

The ongoing pandemic has led to many businesses and companies readapting according to the required safety measures and this is true for airlines as well. Some are selling pajamas, and amenities with their logo, as Qantas did on the official website and sold out. Other airlines sold meals, that would be generally offered during flights, and an airport even offered ‘flights to nowhere’ where passengers could board a plane that never took off, as happened in Thailand.

The latest marketing strategy is also called flights to nowhere (or scenic flights), where flights do take off, but will land back to where they began.

For work purposes I recently took, following all requires safety measures, a trip to Sicily from Milan, and it made me wonder: if I did take a flight from Milan, that traveled all the way to the South and back, what would I see?

Italy is known for the beautiful views. Not only historically when it comes to landmarks, but also in nature. In the North you have these flat lands surrounded by mountains, the center is known for the hills, and relatively close sea depending where you are located, while the South changes view depending where you are. I have always thought of the South of Italy as an energetic kid with mood swings. And this, can be viewed from a plane.

The North

Leaving Milan, the first thing you notice is the — stereotypical, but true — rainy and or humid weather. So, taking off can feel bumpy, or nostalgic, quite depending on your mood. Aside from its weather, the North is beautiful for its mountains, the Alps. You can see them from the plane. The Pianura Padana (the Po Valley in English) covers 3/4 of Italy’s northern regions.

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