Gregg Wallace shares ‘stunning’ hidden spots to visit in Rome ‘no one knows about& …


Gregg Wallace is a television personality who has shared an insight to the lesser known parts of Rome. He explained the best things about the city while visiting for Gregg Wallace’s Big Weekend Away.

Speaking exclusively to, he said: “[The most surprising place was] Michelangelo’s statue of Moses.

“It’s absolutely beautiful and is in a really little church in a little backstreet with no queues to get in, and doesn’t cost anything to get in.

“It is an absolutely beautiful Michelangelo sculpture of Moses. It’s a stunning piece.

“No one knows about it. Everyone knows about the Sistine Chapel and the Statue of David in Florence. Who knows there is another Michelangelo classic in a little church?


“You look at it and you think ‘how did you carve that from a lump of hard rock? How did you do that?’.”

He explained the rare artefact is free to visit and is based in Rome but many people don’t know it is there.

As well as the hidden gems, there is lots to enjoy about the city, including the history.

Gregg stated: “There’s so much in the Eternal City. People don’t know this but I’m a real history

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