The most stylish Buddha in Japan gets a fashionable upgrade during sakura season

The 18-meter-tall Great Buddha (daibutsu) statue in Konan, Aichi Prefecture is somewhat affectionately known as the “Great Buddha with Sunglasses.” That’s because when viewed from just the right angle from behind the Nagoya’s Railway Co’s Inuyama Line train crossing, the Great Buddha of the Hotei region appears to be wearing the crossing’s…

Luxury hotel’s month-long stay plan lets you live Yokohama life with amazing twist

We all know that Tokyo is the biggest city in Japan, but what’s the second? Osaka would be a lot of people’s guess, and you might found some who assume Kyoto, Nagoya, or Fukuoka is number-two on the population list.The correct answer, though, is actually Yokohama, which is about 20 minutes by train south of Tokyo. With a population of more…

Japan has springtime sakura Cinnabons? Sign us up

In 1912, the mayor of Tokyo sent a gift of cherry blossom trees to the mayor of Washington DC. The trees were replanted along the Potomac River, where they remain today, and are the focal point of DC’s annual Cherry Blossom Festival.It’s a nice story of Japan’s favorite flower fostering international friendship, and now the sakura are contributing…

Distillery drinking up plaudits as its craft whisky proves a hit

Riding the craft whisky boom at home and abroad, a small distillery north of Tokyo is boosting production to meet a growing demand for its world-renowned and award-winning Ichiro’s Malt product.Venture Whisky Ltd. in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture, has established itself as a pioneer in the more recent Japanese craft whisky industry, which actually…

Join popular YouTuber ‘ONLY in JAPAN’ on special train journey to Tohoku on April 3

East Japan Railway Company (JR East) has taken an active role in the recovery of the Tohoku region after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. In view of the 10th anniversary of the event, JR East will be joining in a special Tohoku destination campaign, expected to roll out in April. JR East will continue to support the recovery of this beautiful…

Peach starts new service between Narita and Oita

Peach Aviation has launched a new flight between Tokyo (Narita) and Oita. One round trip is operated every day.* Following the launch of this service, Peach now operates 12 domestic routes to/from both Narita and Kansai airports. Accordingly, Narita and  Kansai airports are now Peach’s two main hubs, and the domestic flight network offers

Tokyo restaurant serves up sakura tacos to celebrate cherry blossom season

Despite the pandemic putting a damper on cherry blossom viewing parties, it's getting to be that time of year in Japan where you can throw a stone in any direction and hit a sakura-flavored treat. Krispy Kreme and Starbucks are already dishing out sakura doughnuts and Frappuccinos, but one that might surprise people this year is being

Freeman Shokudo: Backyard barbecue defies convention

Barbecue, bar-b-que, BBQ. Whatever way the sign over the door is spelled, it’s a subject that can generate almost as much heat as the cooking process itself. There are few meat eaters who don’t have strong opinions and preferences, but one thing is undisputed: When barbecue is done well, it tastes magical. In Tokyo, sadly, decent smokehouses have

New sakura cocktails, cakes, drinkware and jewelry appear at Starbucks Reserve Roastery

Ever since the Starbucks Roastery opened in Tokyo, we’ve been treated to all sorts of ultra-exclusive goods and menu items that you just can’t buy anywhere else. This year, the megastore is continuing the trend for cherry blossom season, and they’ve gone all out with the sakura celebrations, giving us everything from

Cocktail of the week: Golden Gai’s Tokyo banana – recipe | The good mixer

This is a liquid take on the Tokyo banana, the popular Japanese cake that is shaped like its main component. It’s a great alternative to a whisky sour, though I’ve adapted what we do in the bar to make it more user-friendly at home. Tokyo banana Serves 1 For the honey and black garlic syrup50ml runny honey 1 clove black garlic, chopped25ml water For

Satisfy sophisticated and refined tastebuds with this Rare Blue Cheesecake

Who can resist the soft, pillowy texture of a good cheesecake? Not me, that's for sure. But even if you can fight the tempting pull of the most classic cheesecake, I am 100% certain you won’t be able to say no to a Japanese cheesecake. Imagine that soft silky smooth and creamy texture, bursting with the sweet, yet mellow flavorings of a regular cheesecake.

Norainu: The Stray Dog Café

Delicious! This Peach Melba parfait is delightfulness squared—no, cubed! Am I in Ginza, visiting the famed fruit parlor Sembikiya? Not even close. I am at a fishing port in Hokkaidō—Irifune Harbor to be precise, a small marina at the base of Mount Hakodate crowded with boats used by squid crews and divers in search of sea urchin and abalone. The

I Stayed at a Tokyo Love Hotel: Here’s What It Was Like

You might not think of Tokyo as a city of romance—but that’s where you’re wrong. The Japanese capital might be best known for its culture, food, and entertainment, but it’s also home to some of the country’s best love hotels, or rabuho.  Yep, these are hotels that are dedicated to the art of lovemaking—either by the hour or the night.

A year after Diamond Princess, bookings pick up as cruise industry eyes return

David Abel and his wife Sally might have had the cruise from hell last year on the coronavirus-hit Diamond Princess, but they can't wait to get back to sea. A year after the ill-fated ship went into quarantine off Yokohama, the cruise industry is hoping passengers like the Abels will help steer them to calmer waters. Analysts say smooth sailing isn't

11 Hikes In Ontario That Will…

MFátima flipped into Travels Travel (Canada) - Stephanie White 11 Hikes In Ontario That Will Make You Want To Get Outside As Soon As It's Warm 11 Ontario Hikes That Will Make You Want To Get Outside As Soon As … View on 4 hours ago ShareLikeFlip Related Stories Discover Asakusa - Tokyo's Traditional District By LIVE JAPAN

Four food delivery services in Japan you can order from that aren’t Uber Eats

Unfortunately, coronavirus is sticking with us in 2021. For restaurant lovers and foodies, this means less dining out and more ordering in. Luckily, the past year has seen massive growth in Japan’s food delivery industry. Uber Eats might be your go-to for ordering delivery for now, but it’s not the only option out there. Here are four equally noteworthy
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