Amazing photos of off-the-beaten-path Japanese castles to add to your travel wish list

amazing photos of off the beaten path japanese castles to add to your travel wish list

When traveling in Japan, there are three castles that are particularly likely to have a spot on people’s itineraries. Kyoto’s opulent Nijo Castle often gets folded in with other historical sights on tours of the city. Osaka Castle is likely an easy destination to include while checking out the more modern attractions of Japan’s third-largest metropolis. Finally, Himeji Castle, just a short Shinkansen trip from Osaka or Castle, is widely considered Japan’s best-preserved medieval fortress.

But while those might be the three with the highest profiles, they don’t have a monopoly on beauty or awesomeness, and a recent selection of photos from Japanese photographer and Twitter user @Hisa0808 (who also goes by on Instagram) highlights some less famous but still breathtaking Japanese castles.

We start things off with Gifu Castle, an on-brand name for the castle that stands in Gifu Prefecture’s Gifu City. The castle’s main tower is illuminated from sunset until 11 p.m. nightly, but on this particular night @Hisa0808, using a long-distance telephoto lens, shows it under a gloriously glowing full moon (photo at top)…

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