‘Astro-stays’ bring tourists and solar power to Himalayan villages

An Indian social business that leads Himalayan treks to set up solar micro-grids in remote mountain villages plans to expand its clean-energy work to other countries facing similar challenges, after winning a United Nations climate award. …

List: There are now 101 countries SA nationals can travel to visa-free

We all know that the famous ‘Green Mamba‘ isn’t exactly the greatest passport in the world. But as South Africans, it’s the best many of us will ever get. The Henley & Partners travel index has been updated for 2020, with Mzansi having to settle for a mid-table finish. In total, 101 countries are accessible for SA nationals on a visa-free

Top 10 Places To Visit In January In Asia For A Great Time

In Asia, January is considered as the best month for travelling because of its climate and festive. During January most of the places in Eastasia like Korea and China will be in cold and most of the places in southeast Asia (except Indonesia and East Timor) will be enjoying warm and dry weather. January is a perfect time to enjoy the pleasant weather

Russia to resume flights with Belarus and others from next week amid Covid-19

Throwing its borders open, Russia will resume flights with Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and South Korea from next weekWant to know more on Russia to resume flights with Belarus and others from next week amid Covid-19 click here go to tour news source. Travel and tour information summary from Hindustan Times Travel News.Author: Throwing its borders

Sweden Visa For Indians: A Detailed Guide On The Process To Obtain One!

Sweden, being the third-largest country in the European Union, has a lot of beautiful places to be proud of. Moreover, the place has nice weather, an innovative lifestyle, spectacular nature and landscape, lots of sports activities, delicious cuisine and of course the hospitable. Obviously, without any doubt, there is a lot more than this. From the

10 Things To Do In Kyrgyzstan That’ll Show You A Lot About The Culture

Kyrgyzstan amazes everyone with its breathtaking landscape, rich traditions, culture, and people. Along with the gorgeous cities and natural wonders, the country is also visited by tourists in order to enjoy some of the most fun and entertaining things to do in Kyrgyzstan that boost up the spirit of an adventurer. Let’s take a glance at the popular

Jamaica Visa For Indians: Can You Skip Those Never-Ending Queues? Check Out For Yourself!

Jamaica is a unique quintessence of many attractive things like the famous extravagant Reggae music and the Jamaican patty- popular cuisine. The nation is one of the best places to have a tropical vacation near the Caribbean region. Jamaica is a location where you can indulge in everything all at once and still be able to revitalize your mind with those

Lebanon Visa For Indians: All You Need To Know From Application Process To Its Fee Structure!

Traveling to Lebanon is an outstanding opportunity to witness the blend of different religions in one place. Known as the ‘Paris of the Middle East’, Lebanon has been gaining importance as a part of the bucket list of travelers. Roman ruins, hipster cafes, monasteries, and impressive vineyards and restaurants along with pristine beaches are some

Here Is Every Single Thing You Need To Know About Taiwan Visa For Indians!

Planning a visit to Taiwan? One of the major moments where people get agitated is the process of clearing the documents for the visa. If you are planning to spend some of your holidays in a different country then the mandatory norm is to get a visa. Some people find this process very cumbersome. This can be eradicated with some of the prior instructions

10 Mesmerising Places To Visit In Kyrgyzstan That You’ll Totally Love

Kyrgyzstan is one of the largest and stunning countries in Central Asia. Adorned with breathtaking topography, Kyrgyzstan is known for a lot of outdoor enthralling activities, making it a heaven for adventure enthusiasts. The places to visit in Kyrgyzstan are gorgeous and even make up for the best honeymoon destinations. Slightly offbeat as compared

This might be the best green chile cheeseburger in New Mexico

Get a burger and a slice of Americana by way of Hatch, New Mexico Note from 10Best: Sparky's is open with a limited menu for carryout at the time of …Want to know more on This might be the best green chile cheeseburger in New Mexico click here go to tour news source. Travel and tour information summary from FlipBoard Travel News.Author: USA Today
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