September 2020 & 2021 – the best adventures to book now

We're often asked, "Where are the best places to go on a walking holiday in September?"The choice can seem overwhelming - from walking and cycling holidays in UK and Europe, either guided or self-guided, to far-flung destinations around the world. Here we've picked our favourite adventure holidays for September, ranging for those which will satisfy

Italy Refinances Immigration Agreement With Libya Amid Protests

The Italian parliament approved this week the renewal of its international military missions, including the immigration agreement with Libya and its coast guard, which receives from Italy €22 million ($25 million) for tracking and retaining migrants in the Mediterranean Sea.Want to know more on Italy Refinances Immigration Agreement With Libya Amid

The UK’s finest long distance trails

As we start to gradually come out of lockdown in the UK and our dreams of holidays begin to feel a bit more tangible, what could be better than hitting the UK's finest long distance trails? Meet Mickledore, KE's sister company also based in Keswick, which specialises in self-guided walking holidays across Britain and boasts a near-perfect customer satisfaction

Exploring the Sahara and unpacking France’s colonial-era writings [photos]

The Sahara: boundless dunes shimmering in the relentless heat, nomadic tribes following paths as old and inscrutable as time itself, fierce-eyed warriors on camel-back, clad in indigo. And a French lure. France has a deeply romantic notion of the western Sahara, forged in colonial times and tinged by the literature that emerged from it. Romanticisation of


If you're an Australian in Libya, leave as soon as possible. You should regularly reassess your security arrangements and access to effective health services. If in doubt, we recommend you return to Australia. The Australian Government has no plans to evacuate you. Flight options to Australia are very limited and may reduce further. Libyan authorities

Every Answer To This Geography Quiz Starts With The Final Letter Of The Previous Answer

How well do you know geography? What country is located to the left of Libya and above Sudan, known to be the home of the pyramids of Giza? Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and Phuket are all cities located in whatWant to know more on Every Answer To This Geography Quiz Starts With The Final Letter Of The Previous Answer click here go to tour news source. Travel
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