10 Best Lithuanian Restaurants That Are An Instant Love Of All Foodie Travelers

10 best lithuanian restaurants that are an instant love of all foodie travelers

Lithuania is an art-loving, culturally, and historically rich nation located in Northern Europe. Owing to the harsh weather conditions of the country, people of Lithuania are used to consuming heavy meals that are rich in fat and carbohydrates. The country gives prominence to nature and they make sure to include available greens in their meal. Visiting the country during summers is sure to give one an amazing opportunity to try their traditional Lithuanian cuisine. Here are some Lithuanian restaurants that serve classic Lithuanian meals that are hard to ignore.

It’s a must for every foodie wandering into Lithuania to stop by and gorge on the finger-licking delicacies served at these popular restaurants in Lithuania.

Image SourceLocated in the ancient 14th-century merchant street, Restaurant Lokys is undoubtedly one of the best Lithuanian restaurants in Vilnius. The restaurant ambiance resembles an old tavern with modern amenities. Lokys is pretty famous among travelers for their cold beet soup, roast boar with pears and rye bread dessert. The restaurant has very few selected options for vegetarians. Its perfect location in the Old Town attracts tourists and provides breathtaking views of the city…

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