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In Hawaii, local legends enrich, inform the visitor experience

Sumary of In Hawaii, local legends enrich, inform the visitor experience:

  • What did help in mitigating the frustration was the nearby presence in an open courtyard of a 25-foot-tall cast-bronze statue of a stylized human form lifting high a huge, bright yellow star.
  • Pat Nicklin Charcoal black rocks of basalt decorating a beach in Maui owe their volcanic origins to the goddess Pele, according to Hawaiian myth.
  • On Maui’s west coast is a massive volcanic outcropping called Black Rock, where spirits of the recently deceased are said to leap into the afterworld to join their ancestors.
  • A similarly situated and sacred Black Rock sits on the northwest coast of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands.
  • ” If they take home as a cherished souvenir one of Pele’s pretty volcanic rocks, the legend goes, or even a scoop of black sand, bad luck will surely befall them.
  • It speaks to an oral tradition of native reverence for the natural landscape — in the Hawaiian language, `aina.

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