The future of ‘extended reality’ tourism is now, thanks to the pandemic

the future of extended reality tourism is now thanks to the pandemic

Sumary of The future of ‘extended reality’ tourism is now, thanks to the pandemic:

  • Extended reality is the umbrella term for technologies that allow the interaction of physical and virtual worlds, such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).
  • Each has opened up many possibilities for tourism.
  • VR, on the other hand, allows viewers to visit a historic site or museum remotely.
  • [Can gaming satisfy our pandemic thirst for travel and adventure?] “When covid-19 happened, every destination tried to offer an alternative way of communicating with its tourists,” says Suleiman Farajat, chief of the Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority in Jordan.
  • Ceren Gultekin This rendering shows how a student could visit a 3-D recreation of the city of Petra produced by TimeLooper in collaboration with the Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority.
  • Made by TimeLooper, a tech company specializing in re-creating historical locations and events, the app gives users an immersive 3-D map of Petra at scale, with a bird’s-eye view of the entire ancient city and its landmarks.
  • At points of interest — such as the amphitheater, monastery, royal tombs and treasury — users experienced life-size 3-D models and panoramic photos.
  • Several other creative remote options have launched since the pandemic started: ●The Faroe Islands’ remote tourism tool, with which users can interact live with a local and use the latter as their eyes and ears to experience the islands.

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