Time for some Levantine wine | David Williams

Aldi Specially Selected Lebanese Red 2019 (£7.99, Aldi) The mainstreaming of Levantine, and Levantine-ish, food has been a feature of the past decade or so. Wines from Lebanon, ho…

A Day Of Eating In Austin, Texas

Terry Blacks bbq Chelsea Davis Austin, Texas is certainly the place to get barbecue and Tex-Mex, but don’t forget this eclectic town is home to a whole lot more. The Austin dinin…

U.S. To Be Removed From EU Safe Travel List

Diplomats told Reuters that the U.S. would be removed from the list along with Kosovo, Israel, Montenegro, Lebanon and North Macedonia, because all were facing Covid-19 infection r…

New Travel Warnings Issued From CDC

The CDC has new travel warnings for several popular international travel destinations across the globe as confirmed Covid-19 cases increase. These warnings advise potential travele…

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